The following are guide prices and may be open to negotiation for volume, repeat work, or positive referrals that result in further bookings. Charity and showcase* discounts may also be available.
* Showcase discounts can be offered to businesses showing portfolio potential.

Google Business View

Google Business View hosting is provided by Google for free (no monthly or yearly renewal subscription costs). Google Business View is one of the most powerful and affordable marketing tools available to businesses today. The only charge to your business is for the use of an independent professional photographer to take the best high quality images of your business possible. These images will potentially be the first impressions a new customer has of your business, using a skilled professional shows you recognise their importance. All Google Trusted Photographers are trained and certified to take and process Business View virtual tours to Google’s high standards.

We are currently seeking to expand our Business View portfolio with new business categories. To achieve this we are offering large discounts to businesses belonging to categories not already in our Business View portfolio. Contact us today to see if your business qualifies.

Our Google Business View price plans are designed to be flexible, this means you only pay for photography you need.
Estimated Max Area Covered * 104m2 ** 168m2 308m2 400m2 492m2 584m2
Virtual Spaces Included 5 7 15 20 25 30
Per Additional Virtual Space £25 £25 £22.5 £22.5 £20 £16
Point of Interest Images Included 10 10 10 10 10 10
Per Additional Point of Interest £10 £9.50 £9 £8.50 £8.0 £7.00
Photos Taken 70 94 190 250 310 370
Code FOR YOUR Website Free Free Free Free Free Free
High quality PoI photos download **** Free Free Free Free Free Free
High quality PoI photos CD *** £15 £15 £10 £10 Free Free
Plan Starting Price **** £150 £190 £342 £437 £527 £632

* The number of virtual spaces required also depends on other factors  such as doorways, obstacles and corners which will reduce the area that can be covered.
** The base plan includes mandatory exterior virtual spaces require by Google for every Business View. These virtual spaces are not included within the estimated area covered.
*** Photos will remain available for download from our Google Drive for 3 months after the link has been sent by email. After this time a CD will need to be purchased.
**** Each plan’s starting price does not include additional virtual spaces that may be required. Volume discounts are applied the more virtual spaces required to complete the tour.

Contact us today for a FREE survey for local businesses and discovery the actual affordable cost of creating a Google Business View for your business. All surveys can be tailored to your business needs.  You will not get a better Google Maps Business View shoot completed cheaper else where.  We love what we do and take pride in the service we provide.
We like to support local communities and charities, please contact us to find out how we can help you further.

Corporate Portraits (head shots)

All types of corporate portraits catered for, prices start from £49 for 3 photos.

Contact us today for a complete quotation.

Corporate Photo Shoots

Photography for corporate publications, corporate portraits, modern portraits, personnel group shots, online imaginary for business websites.

Time lapse photography and sound & motion slideshow presentations are available.

Prices vary greatly depending on what is required.

Contact us today for a complete quotation.

Corporate Event Photography

For any corporate events where professional journalistic photography is required for future material.

Prices start from £49:

  • £49 for (1 hours, local businesses only)
  • £95 for (2 hours, local businesses only)
  • £190 for (1/2 day, 4 hours)
  • £370 for (full day, 8 hours), £55/hour there after

Time lapse photography and sound & motion slideshow presentations are available.

(Any required travel, accommodation, and food expenses are not included.)

Contact us today for a complete quotation.